Friday, April 11, 2008

The new Sumo Grande

TATA has been launching and re-launching its one of the most successfull brands of all time-The TATA Sumo.It was launched as Sumo in the beginning followed by a relaunch under the name Sumo-Deluxe.Then came the Sumo Spacio and now the all new Sumo Grande.There are other variants in this category like the Gx,Vx etc.Grande is priced some where around Rs 7.5 lacs!!!It seems that the company plans to compete with other similar jeeps like the Scorpio,Tavera etc in the market.
However don't you think that they should have launched it under a new brand name?Sumo was famous for its huge space and the sturdiness it offered alongwith a market winner being the price advantage.Now if you launch another vehicle with the same name(just another variant) and price it so high wouldn't it affect your sales as well as the brand???It defeats the very pupose of the original Sumo.
Whats your opinion???

The new Asian Paints Ad

Hi every one.Have you guys seen the new Asian paints ad where the husband asks his wife to imagine colours?The ad suggests us to paint a portion on our walls and imagine how the colour would look instead of just picturising it.But isn't it that all the painters have been doing all this while???Well and anyways how about the target audience?I mean how many of us paint our houses on our own in India?So the target audience primarily remains the painters,isn't it?And don't they know this technique?There's something going wrong in the ad!!!
Post in if you have the same opinion or a different one so as to justify it.