Tuesday, November 18, 2008

HDFC-Subtle message in a common way


It's been a while since leave alone anyone, I myself have been here!!!

Well, anyways HDFC has come with their new ad. I thought it was a very nice way to convey a message of the bank's network across India. The kid is looking for his house crying on the road. The biker asks him about the house.

Now there's a certain simplicity as well as the emotional touch in this ad. Everyone relating to financial services are capitalising on the emotional quotient formula these days. All the ads must have kids (cute kids) and there should be a message relating to their security in it. Whereas HDFC used the same formula but in a more subtle way.

They used the kid but exploited not their cuteness but their innocence. There's another ad with a cute little girl in it, guess its Union Bank-Kyunki aapke sapne sirf aap ke nahi....something like that. Innocence has been exploited there as well but in a much serious way. In a sense that the girl has been thinking overtly matured for her age. Whereas here the kid recognises his house with the ATM thats near it. Now HDFC wants to convey the meassage of its massive ATM network in the country which I guess is aptly revealed in the ad.

Two different ways to exploit the same human quality-Innocence. Good job!!!

HDFC ad definitely leaves you with a smile....:)

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